Waka Maori
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Pita Sharples
Prime Minister John Key at the opening night for Waka Maori
Prime Minister
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180,000 people, $10m into the Auckland economy, 11 x day festival, , 75m long structure, 6m high, 16m tailfin, 14 x day build, 14 x day deconstruction, 45 x acts on stage, 5 x major corporate events, Maori arts and crafts village, lighting, sound, av, 3D movie theatre, rugby exhibition, all blacks on site daily, dignitaries and voted the best tourist experience during the 2011 rugby world cup.

This is our largest outdoor project to date.  A huge build and deconstruction for an amazing facility.  Evitan was the idea, the creator, the inspiration and the production of this structure.  A uniquely iconic  NZ structure.  Evitan is the sole events management company and production of Waka Maori.

Waka Maori can travel! If you are interested – please contact us for further information.

It is all about our country – NZ – and we are proud to have accomplished it.