ROOKIE Fashion Show 2012
Jason Lingard 5
Jesse Lolo 6
Bay Rawlinson 6
Morgan Hollis-Ward
Jason Lingard 7
Sohong Lim 3

Our vision – “Where Rocknroll Meets Fashion”.  Congratulations to AUT University for backing us on this idea.

A 16m x 4m high wall of sound was the backdrop for the models to showcase the outstanding fashion by AUT 3rd-year students.  This audio system would not be out of place at a vector arena rock concert.  It provided  a unique backdrop that lifted the fashion into a rocknroll realm. A 100m long runway navigating it’s way through the underground carpark 100m long – it was an idea by our Sooz – born out of exploration and ensuring everyone had a coveted “front-row” seat.  This meant everyone of the 1,200 people had a prime position to view the creations on the catwalk.  Live music by VOOM and DJ’s mixed in grunge and indie rocknroll with a stunning lighting show.  The music production was a masterpiece.
Thanks AUT – you really know how to showcase outstanding fashion

Photos by Anupam Singh