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Our marvellous crew have been involved in many events over the past three months.  Everything from touring with Fat Freddy’s Drop, building stages at Vector Arena to helping out at the Pukekohe V8’s.  We have a group of highly skilled professional young men and women who love to work at events. They are there to ensure the shows are built and often work 24hrs around the clock to prepare venues and shows for the clients.  The following list will give you an idea of what they did from January to March

NZ Breakers Basketball – our guys lay the court at vector Arena and help Vector to prepare the venue for NZ’s best basketball team.

Silo park – the lads build the award-winning custom designed market tents for Simon and Angus from Fresh Concept Ltd.  this is a challenging role as the area is a high-wind environment.  the guys are led superbly by Timi Hotu who ensures the tents are loaded in on Friday and the loaded out on Saturday night after a successful market.

Spiegel Tent – ten of our guys worked to build the famous Spiegel tent on Aotea Square for the Auckland Festival.  A huge job to help build a facility in two and a half days.  The client said our guys were a pleasure to work with and superbly led by Jeff Vuletich.  We may have broken some kind of records – not bad for the first-time we have worked this job!

Vector Arena – we are the preferred crew at Vector Arena.  Every show has out guys working in some capacity – whether it is installing lighting and sound, building the stage or installing the barriers – our Evitan crew are there to help turn around every show.  From the Vodafone Music awards, Lady Gaga to Paul Simon to the mercurial Robert Plant – we have a hand in making sure these concerts are staged with precision and professionalism.

Group F - The Breath of the Volcano – this show was one of the signature events of the Auckland Festival.  Held at the Auckland Domain – Evitan crew had 12 guys working long shifts each day to load and prepare the pyrotechics.  We worked alongside the French experts and learned a great deal on the world of pyrotechnics, audio and projections.  This was a fantastic project for the guys.  Thanks to the Auckland Festival!

Winery Tour – three of our lads got to tour 18 cities in NZ with some of NZ’s leading musicians.  We were involved in site crew, stage builds, lighting and backline.  It was a great experience for Mike, Zane and Cameron.  Thank you to the bands (Fat Freddy’s Drop, The Adults, Anika, Boh Runga and Hollie Smith) and our awesome awesome clients!

 Pasifika and Chinese Lantern Festival – the guys are there to assist with any needs for the client (JLP Presents).  These are jobs which our lads love working to help the client to deliver major events to the Auckland public – well done JLP!

Bloc Party, Rita Ora, Russel Brand, Offspring, Glenn Frey, Russell Peters – these are concerts which we assisted the promoter and production to build the shows.  The guys built everything from the stage, audio, lighting, av, seating systems, backdrops – and then deconstructed everything after the shows to ensure the venue could host other events the following day.  Awesome clients and fantastic shows to be a involved in!