Day 10 – Taurapa

10m in the air – making an impact 

Day 10 – Taurapa

Day 10 started with a couple of our local crane drivers running late – so we were a bit concerned with the taurapa to install on top of the bow – and the tauihu onto the bow of the waka.  Once the crane drivers arrived we were a bit worried – as the wind has got up.  As soon as we hooked the taurapa on – the wind died down and the taurapa was landed onto the stern.

A big day for us – as it means this is the first time we have seen the waka since 2011.  Hes’ back – great day.


Day 9 – fabric on…taurapa and tauihu awaits

Day 9 – the crew and a taste of home

Here are the guys after a healthy lunch at our local cafe – behind us are pohutukawas, which is pretty cool – there are often hummingbirds feeding of the tree.

Day 9 – installing roof

Day 9 – pretty sunny up here!

we just installed the roof – so thought it was a great photo opportunity – Trace and Boi

Day 9

We have worked hard to put all roof and side wall fabric onto the waka – this means it is fully enclosed.

Day 8 – Java House

The local breakfast establishment on the wharf

Day 8

Rather than post a progress shot of the waka – here is what we eat every morning – cholesterol count isn’t going to be good when we get home!  Lucky we work hard everyday to burn this off!  America know how to host their guests!

Day 7 – Boi and Warren